Please complete our new client waiver before attending your first session!

Please carefully read and complete each section of this form before submitting. This will help our team identify you in our system if we need to contact you, and save you time with future bookings! This form will only need to be completed once.

I give my consent to participate in the exercise that is instructed to me and I understand that anything performed within the studio or property confines is undertaken at my own risk.

I hereby certify that I know of no other medical problems, except those specified in this pre-exercise questionnaire, that would increase my risk of illness or injury as a result of participating in classes, exercise programs or gym usage at G23 Fitness. I realize that use of equipment is at my own risk and I waive the responsibility of G23 Fitness and all staff and employees and property if I should incur any injuries or illness as a result of participating in any exercise performed at G23 Fitness. If my medical condition should change over the period of visits at G23 Fitness I am responsible to inform staff before participating in any training.

I agree for any pictures or videos taken of me when participating in classes to be used by G23 Fitness for promotional purpose. If I disagree to this I inform the instructor at each class.